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When I started my wine education, I read many books and I participated in many wine tastings. When it came to the best wines, I could read and hear that those wines had to be aged for a few years in good storage conditions before they could be enjoyed. Imagine my frustration! At the time, I did not have access to these mature bottles and very few wine merchants were offering vintages over 10 years. Which is still often the case today. This is also one of the reasons that led me to start my own wine collection! Today I’m so happy to offer you special events: wine tastings of ready-to-drink wines, that can express the potential of their terroir as well as their entire aromatic palette. These events take place in France, in Europe, in the United States and other countries. I travel with my favorite wines to tell you all these stories that help you understand wine! Watch the agenda and subscribe to my newsletter! One day, I might be close to where you live!

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Would you like to organize a wine tasting for your loved ones or for some colleagues? What a good idea! Contact me and I’ll be happy to organize an amazing tasting for you! A few examples of what we usually do: discovery of a particular wine region or country, blind tasting, Grands Crus tasting.

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