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My options

Each option is composed of bottles of wines selected according to your tastes and criteria. You'll find wines from the major wine regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux or the Loire Valley.

How does it work?

Understanding what you like and surprising you!

1. You subscribe to your favorite option.
2. You fill in a form intended to collect your tastes and your preferences... but also the wines that you don't want, if any.
3. Then, I'll call you to validate your criteria. No worries ! You can also give me carte blanche.
4. You'll receive your first selection of wines. For each bottle, you get my tasting notes, my service and aging advice.
5. I'll call you mid-term to make sure that my selection corresponds to your expectations and to adapt the next selection.
6. You'll receive your second selection of wines.

Wine Cellar Management Offer


Join an international community united by a passion for wine

By subscribing to one of my options, you will join a community of passionate wine lovers all over the world. Our service allows you to benefit from what the best French estates have to offer, and to compose your cellar with limited and sought-after wines. Another reason for joining my wine club: tasting wine together! Being invited to events that I regularly organize in France and abroad in Europe and the US. The objective? Allow you to taste the complexity of the best wines ready to be opened, after several years of aging.

Wine cellar management contract: my commitments

For each formula, a contract defines the framework of the mandate you entrust to me to select your wines.
This contract is established for a period of one year. It includes the chosen formula and your specific requests and it binds me in the following 3 ways:
1. I commit to purchasing a certain number of bottles of wines, as defined in the contract, for a period of one year.
2. I commit to the diversity of the wines: wine regions, colors and styles, as defined in the contract.
3. I commit to keeping your wines in the best conditions until they are shipped and delivered to your place.

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