Wines that tell your story

Or the story of a loved one!

How would you like to have wines selected based on your tastes, preferences, and also your story? Everyday wines, wines for entertaining, wines to gift, or perhaps wines to create a cellar that reflects you.

For many years, I've been building my family wine cellar. It consists of vintages that recount life's moments, aged wines that remind me of a place or a person. But also wines that I look forward to opening to celebrate life's joyous events.

My experience and encounters have granted me access to quality wines, sometimes limited in quantity, from winemakers known for their dedication and consistency year after year.

I am Alexis Caraux, and I offer to help you find the perfect gift. Whether it's for yourself or to delight a loved one.

My mission: to find you the wines that tell the story you share with me!

Wine Cellar Management Service


Unique and Personalized Gifts

For enthusiasts and novices alike

I offer several options. These are personalized wine selections that I craft based on the story you share with me: your story or that of a loved one. A 2-bottle set in memory of an anecdote or shared moment, a portrait in 6 wines, a wedding gift, or even a first step in building a wine cellar.

During the ordering process, you will receive a link to a questionnaire. Your answers will allow me to personalize the wine selections.

Lastly, a few words about the wines I feature in my selections. During my visits to winemakers, I choose wines that offer immediate pleasure, wines at their peak, as well as wines that age gracefully. These wines come from all the wine-producing regions of France, but occasionally also from foreign countries.

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News from the Vineyards

Dear wine lover, welcome to my wine blog! Here you will find articles about my regular escapades in the vineyards of France and abroad. You will discover landscapes, grape varieties, famous wines, wines off-the-beaten track, wine and food pairings, as well as learning about the men and women who work everyday to offer us the best wines.

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In France and Beyond

As part of my personalized selections, I like to ask about your tasting profile (or that of the person you're gifting)! Are you more of an "explorer" eager for new discoveries, or more "traditional", favoring tried and true choices?

I'm here to listen, especially if you'd like to focus on a specific region or a particular country.