The Wedding


12 bottles

What if you gifted the soon-to-be newlyweds a moment of emotion to open and savor every year? 12 bottles of wine handpicked for an annual rendezvous on each wedding anniversary?

- A wine to open for the first anniversary (1 year)

- A wine to open for the second one (2 years)

- A wine to open for the third one (3 years)

- and so on, up to the 10 years!

I will offer the newlyweds a journey through the various French regions, wine colors, grape varieties, and wine styles.

Wines that will be at their peak the year they're opened!

In addition to the 10 bottles of wine, I like to add a bottle of Champagne as well as a surprise bottle. A joyous event might very well happen in the next 10 years!

Of course, you also have the option to guide my wine selection based on their tastes and preferences!


Available payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, bank transfer

How does it work?

1. You choose from my different proposals.
2. Add the proposal of your choice to your cart and finalize your online purchase.
3. You then receive a link to a questionnaire related to the purchased proposal. This questionnaire allows me to understand the person's story and make my wine selection.
4. The wines are prepared and sent with a personalized letter, intended for the person to whom you wish to give this gift.