Carte Blanche


12 bottles

What about offering an original and personalized gift for a special occasion? Or simply treat yourself? Give me carte blanche or specify your tastes and preferences to guide my selection of 12 bottles of wine. With this option, premium wines rub shoulders with wines for immediate enjoyment. For instance, a Bordeaux Grand Cru, a crisp and fruity white from the Loire Valley, a mature vintage.

Aging scope : Today and in the next two years
Service Duration : Immediate


Available payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, bank transfer

How does it work?

1. You subscribe to your favorite option.
2. You fill in a form intended to collect your tastes and your preferences... but also the wines that you don't want, if any.
3. Then, I'll call you to validate your criteria. No worries ! You can also give me carte blanche.
4. You'll receive your first selection of wines. For each bottle, you get my tasting notes, my service and aging advice.
5. I'll call you mid-term to make sure that my selection corresponds to your expectations and to adapt the next selection.
6. You'll receive your second selection of wines.