24 bottles

You have a long-term objective. You want to age premium wines in your cellar. Wines that you will appreciate in a few years and that you can even pass on. Wines that become scarce over time and whose value increases over the years. With this option, I give you access to prestigious and rare bottles.

Aging scope : Aging potential over 10 years
Service Duration : One year, two shipments per year


Available payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, bank transfer

How does it work?

1. You subscribe to your favorite option.
2. You fill in a form intended to collect your tastes and your preferences... but also the wines that you don't want, if any.
3. Then, I'll call you to validate your criteria. No worries ! You can also give me carte blanche.
4. You'll receive your first selection of wines. For each bottle, you get my tasting notes, my service and aging advice.
5. I'll call you mid-term to make sure that my selection corresponds to your expectations and to adapt the next selection.
6. You'll receive your second selection of wines.